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Among the most important Mexican holidays, we party the Mexican Independence every September 16th. It is an event full of color, happiness, and food all the country. The last September 27th, we had in Alamar: Alamar a la Mexicana, to commemorate this celebration.

We celebrated this day surrounded by picturesque paintings made by Mexican artists of contemporary art at the: 1era Muestra de Arte Contemporáneo de la Riviera Nayarit. Pablo Arteaga, Ángel Cárdenas, Rubén Gallardo, Roberto López, Ricardo Salcedo were some of the present artists who share their work, style, and particular vision of Jalisco’s artistic tradition.

The current art movements ranged from the figurative painting that was inherited from impressionism, abstract paintings related to the United States abstract expressionism, painting derived from urban murals, conceptual photography, minimalist sculptures, fauvism painting, pointillism techniques, and pure Mexican surrealism. A gaze from Jalisco to the world with great works of great artists. 

At the inauguration, we had the presence of the Mexican artist: Francisco Partida, whose paintings were also part of the art exhibition Alamar a la Mexicana.

Our assistants enjoyed the evening with majestic paintings and a big Mexican environment. We also had traditional music thanks to the three members group. They played all the night representative melodies and songs of our country. People were dancing and singing around Alamar’s Discovery Center making the atmosphere cheerful and festive. Coco Beach Club & Grill’s personal delighted us with their delicious snacks and fresh drinks making the whole evening an authentic Mexican night. 

In Alamar, we are excited to share with our guests and residents part of our culture. It is important for us that they live the experience and traditions of the most paradisiac place in Mexico. Viva Mexico!

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