ArtLife and StyleLove tree, Horacio Cárdenas, Alamar


Last May 2nd we had the honor to receive in Alamar Horacio Cardénas, an amazing plastic artist and sculptor from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco. In Mexico, he is very recognized by his contemporary art. On this occasion, he presented to his assistants his new art exhibition called Love Tree.

Guests enjoyed the evening with a red or white wine glass and delighting some delicious appetizers from the Coco Beach Club & Grill Cuisine. They also were contemplating every piece of Love Tree exhibition and the wonderful view of Almar’s Discovery.

The music of Jofesh and the sunset light harmonized the entire environment. Both were the perfect blend to the assistants, who were appreciating the history and details of each piece, creating a really art sanctuary.

The exhibition describes every type of love that exits. Complex and simple, with different colors and textures. Love in its different facets, in its purest form, without masks, like tree branches, bare of their leaves.

Some of the guests find their reflection on the pieces of art, so they decided to purchase them.

Living art exhibitions at Alamar is an incredible experience. Every space involves you in the magic to connect with the art pieces. It is a perfect way to understand deeply.

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