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Bahia de Banderas arrives on October 13, the World Day of Migratory Birds, an event held in different countries as a campaign to raise awareness about the care and protection of these living beings that, year after year, travel great distances to reach areas warmer as a way to survive the cold winter.

This event, held for the first time in the region, under the theme of “Uniting our voices for the conservation of birds” will have three locations in the Banderas Bay area: the public square of Higuera Blanca in Rivera Nayarit, Estero el Salty and Botanical Gardens of Puerto Vallarta, in Puerto Vallarta.

The activities that are going to take place are free, open to the general public and for different ages, which include: bird watching walks and environmental interpretation, a children’s drawing contest and poetry, games, art workshops, educational talks about of the importance of birds in ecosystems and for human health, as well as many other surprises. However, there are some that require a previous registration
because they have limited space, so if you want to enjoy this celebration you can check reports and records here.


The World Migratory Bird Day was made official in 2006, thanks to the Secretariat of the Agreement for the Conservation of Migratory Waterbirds in collaboration with the Secretariat of the Convention on the Conservation of Wild Bird Species (CSM), both international agreements under the United Nations Environment Program; becoming the way to conserve these species and to which goal different international organizations have joined, which warn about the different behaviors and events that revolve around them. The date is used to raise awareness about the need to conserve migratory birds and their habitat, as well as raise awareness among the population about the dangers they face and their ecological importance.

Due to their nature, migratory birds are more complex to conserve, because they can be threatened not only by problems in the breeding area but also in the areas of passage and rest of their migratory routes and in their wintering areas. They can also face different diseases and, above all, the destruction of their habitats due to the start of cultivation or the excessive growth of cities, which drastically alter the ecosystem and cause collisions, illegal hunting, electrocution, contamination, and poisoning; endangering their survival.

This celebration holds an important global mission, which includes 626 events in 200 cities in 73 countries, whose participation reports the observation of more than 5,000 species of birds worldwide. Knowing their routes and the threats they suffer in their long journeys is fundamental for their conservation. All of them are part of our biodiversity and their disappearance is a loss of our natural heritage that can not be allowed.

Celebrate this date with your loved ones and do not forget that in Alamar we have bird watching areas, so you can find different species to observe and photograph.

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