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Recently, Alamar felt the throbbing of life with the art exhibition “Latidos del Océano”, featuring the Mexican Gerardo Noriega as a guest artist. Noriega spent an excellent afternoon in the company of different attendees who enjoyed the moment enlivened by the music of DJ Julio César Ángeles, in addition to the appetizers that consisted of bread, cheese, and wine; same that was provided by Coco Beach Club & Grill, giving the perfect touch to the evening.

Noriega’s sculptures were the center of attention for their peculiar design, which is basically made up of pieces of wood, trunks, and branches, which the sculptor is responsible for collecting on the beaches he visits and gives them a new life through a singular sensitivity and aesthetics. The pieces vary in size and shape, being mainly hearts and marine animals; like turtles, jellyfish, whales and more.


The vision exhibited by the artist consists of making conscience about “the unplayable and irreplaceable meaning for the soul that has the land and the sea … Nature, the natural”  In addition to seeking the re-use of the elements, such as dead wood for communicating the harsh reality of the deterioration of flora and fauna; the importance that implies that humans are able to maintain a balance on the planet, where each species has a unique and precious sense.


Gerardo Noriega is an artist born in Mexico City, from a family of renowned architects and sculptors: A direct descendant of Manuel Tolsá, who is credited with the architectural design of the Hospicio Cabañas and many other works of neoclassical style; great-grandson of Carlos Noriega Blanco, whose famous historical work is shown in significant ways in Mexico City and Querétaro; and grandson of Leonardo Noriega Stavoli, who also had an illustrious career in Mexico and was Noriega’s closest inspiration.

It was in Puerto Vallarta that he began to explore his passion for sculpture, taking as a means of expression the roughness of the natural materials he finds in his travels along the beaches, obtaining as a result, beautiful pieces of art full of subtlety, whose concept means breathing and pulsating beings. He has been involved in the art scene in the last 5 years, same in which he has presented his works in Mexico, where he has received praise as in the city of Miami, FL. at the Art Basel 2013.


The bread, cheese, and wine were part of the concept that connected with the art show, being the chef Robin Bouffet Delaval who will delight the guests with his handmade bread. 

Originally from Lyon, France; his education goes back to the year 2000 when he formalized studies as a baker in his native France. In the year of 2012, after making a reputation as a bakery chef in his country and after his skills developing in New Caledonia, In the French Alps, he travels to South America, where he opens his own restaurant in Punta del Diablo, Uruguay.

Now exclusively we will have starring with his delicious handmade bread our dinners in Coco Beach Club & Grill!


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