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The specialized site Business Insider published an article entitled “30 irresistible places in which, according to Google, Americans want to buy vacation properties.”

In the list, Mexico ranks first, with an average property sale price of $ 40,275 USD.

In addition, Puerto Vallarta was highlighted as the most wanted destination to buy a vacation home in Mexico, with more than 10,230 searches on Google.

According to the business news source, approximately 14 percent of the realtors who participated in the US International Residential Real Estate Activity Profile in the United States of the National Association of Realtors (NAR, for its acronym in English)mentioned that they have at least one American client interested in buying a property abroad and 87 percent of these clients seek to use that property as a vacation residence.

Vallarta competes with the best tourist places from Canada to Argentina and we are proud to find ourselves in the first place. If you want to read the full article this is the link.

In fact, last March the US news site U.S.News published a special article entitled The 8 best places to retire in Mexico and Puerto Vallarta is in the first place:

“In Puerto Vallarta, the warm weather and its picturesque places are enhanced by cobblestone streets and Spanish architecture. The local people are fun and friendly and the seafood is fresh and delicious, and this region of Mexico is the origin of the tequila. In other words, Puerto Vallarta has all the elements for a party waiting to happen” the article says.

Some of the advantages that expats find in Puerto Vallarta to live and invest are:

  • Luxury homes and condominiums can be found in the Bahía de Banderas region for a fraction of the cost compared to most world-class tourism destinations. Gourmet restaurants are plentiful in Puerto Vallarta and diners can enjoy spectacular meals for much less than they are used to paying in other cities.


  • Security: Many people who have moved here from American or Canadian cities comment that they actually feel more secure in Puerto Vallarta than in many cities in their own country.


  • Puerto Vallarta is blessed with beautiful weather throughout the year and beach activities, outdoor sports, boardwalks and outdoor dining are popular ways to spend the day or night for those who live in Puerto Vallarta and Bay of Banderas.


  • Proximity: Puerto Vallarta is well connected to the main cities of the United States and Canada. There are regular direct flights between Mexico City, Chicago, Guadalajara, Dallas / Fort Worth, Vancouver, Calgary, Los Angeles, San Francisco and every day the price offer is greater and more accessible.


  • There is always something to do. Being a tourist place you have restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cinemas that close late or exhibitions, workshops and tours at all hours.


  • You can eat seafood without worrying about its freshness. Freshness? If they are fresh from the sea!


  • Have very beautiful views even if you go to the super. The sunsets and the landscape in general are simply something beautiful.


  • You know secret places where not all tourists arrive. When you live in Vallarta you know secret places and outside of the official tour you enjoy what not everyone has access to.


  • Diving, sport fishing, golf and tennis are popular recreational activities within the expat community in Puerto Vallarta.

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